From the recording Breaking Free

Luv 2 Luv, Pt. 1 brings together the raw soul of Anthony Avery and the silky smooth fusion sound of Marcina Garner for a dynamic song of praise.



I Love The Way You Speak
I Love The Way You Teach
I Love The Way Your Spirit Moves Through Me
I Love The Word You Gave,
The Sinner That You Saved
I Love The Way You Keep Protecting Me
I Love Your Holiness
Love Your Righteousness
Love All Your Grace and Your Mercy
Because Of All These Things
I Give You Everything


Is It How You Died For Me
Is It How You Set Me Free
Is It How You Covered Me

That Makes Me Love You So

It It How You Changed My Name
Is It All The Ways You Made
Is It How You Came And Saved The Day

I Just Can't Find The Words
Ooo , You Make Me Say


Mmmmmm ,I Luv 2 Luv Ya


I Love The Way, The Way You Love Me