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Are you looking for assistance outside of a musical performance? I am able and willing to offer a variety of support to enhance any ministry or endeavor.


lyrics for verse , an entire song or album. Consultation or lyrical reviews/revisions. 

  • Partial Song/Verse - $25
  • Full Original Song - $50
  • EP,Demo Lyrics(2-5 Songs) - $85
  • LP,CD Lyrics( 6-10 Songs) - $175
Music Expresses That, Which Cannot Be Said”

Victor Hugo

Musical Arrangement

Full Composition - Single
  • Full Composition - Single
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Full Musical Composition of single. Include lyrics,vocal and musical arrangement and demo recording. Customer retains full performance rights of music. Lyrical and Musical Copyright by A.Avery Music

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Musically Arrangement of song/album or Full Composition(Music Arrangement and Lyrics). 

  • Vocal Arrangement(Song) - $60
  • Vocal Arrangement(E.P./Album) - $120/$160
  • Full  Demo Composition(Song) -  $100.00
  • Full Demo Composition(E.P./Album) - $200.00/$450.00

Voice lessons

Are you interested in formal vocal training to enhance your craft or do you sing for fun but want to learn to apply skills in a low pressure environment. Voice lessons are available for all levels of singers. Also, can provide beginning theory lessons. 

Adult Voice Lessons, Solo, 1 hr $35

Adult Voice Lessons, Group/Ensemble, 1 hr  $45

Child Voice Lessons Age 5-10, 30 mins,  $25

Child Voice Lessons Age 11-18- 45 mins. $30



Whether a youth conference,music workshop or other event. Let me provide your church,group,or organization with a workshop tailored and designed to meet your needs. 

 Session - $50 per hour

Types of Workshops-

  • Choir
  • General Music
  • Music & Arts Ministry 
  • Music Organization & Leadership Training
  • and more!

Public speaking

Studio/live bgvs