About Anthony

What a blessing Anthony Avery has been to my life and the lives of the audience of The Voices of Faith Power Hour Radio show. His music and his enthusiasm is captivating, soothing, electric, all at the same time. ”

— Tina A. Hobson , Hostess, Voices of Faith Power Hour

Anthony Avery, age 29, is an independent gospel and inspirational recording artist from Baltimore, MD.

Raised in diverse communities and exposed to a variety of musical styles and cultures; Anthony has created a eclectic tone for his ministry which includes using urban, soul and rock influences to create a unique gospel sound. Radically progressive in his worship and ministry. he began studying music at the age of 10. Originally trained in classical and musical theater, it was in his teenage years upon returning to that he was fortunate enough to learn under the leadership of some great names in gospel music including Brent Jones, Ernest Pugh, Keith Williams, and Dr. Wesley Boyd, an original Richard Smallwood singer, who first introduced him on a serious level to music ministry. It was during this time he saw exponential growth in his relationship with God. As an adult, Anthony sang with various groups, choirs and artists, most notably he sang as a member of world- renowned Morgan State University Choir and as the director and co-founder of Voices of Praise Gospel Choir. 

Anthony believes that all are able to receive inspiration, guidance, healing and most importantly the love of God in their life. Having spent most of his own life "learning by living" he has found a very unique message and ministry that hits close to home with powerful lyrics and an eclectic sound. He strives to reach all Christians including those that don't quite fit the mold of your traditional church member or worshiper. He continues to believe that music is but one of many tools God uses to reach people and just like God, music has no limits to what it can do for the body of Christ. In 2015, he debuted his first single “Calling Out to You” a powerful anthem about reaching out to the Lord when he speaks to you. The success of that was followed by the award-nominated debut album Breaking Free in 2016 which included top singles Champion, The Great I Am and Luv 2 Luv, Pt. 1 . His sophomore visual album "Revelation" featured his first break out single "Fairy Tale" which received much acclaim and multiple award nominations.  

This year sees Anthony releasing his 3rd Studio Album "tHE ART oF Me" the album features a mature sound and musical clarity not seen before. The urban and soul influences are boldly present throughout the entire album. 


His music stand outs for being "spiritually rich and lyrically driven" with his lyrical content receiving much critical praise over the years. When asked what inspires his writing, Anthony shared that he simply allows God to use his emotions and life experiences to encourage others who may have been in similar positions. Anthony continues to dedicate himself to the word of God as well as being a beacon of light and clarity in a dark and clouded world.